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consumer products. Most students were intrigued by the idea of buzz marketing, and few said they perceived any ethical conflict. claim that they only act as buzz agents for products they truly like; therefore, they aren lying when they praise them. They seem to focus on what they are saying, not why they are saying it, Bolton says. Still, the students don identify themselves as agents unless directly asked and this is what makes the difference, according to Bolton. the buzz agent doesn identify himself upfront as a marketer, the customer interaction is deceptive and, therefore, unethical. Research in psychology suggests that consumers are more
Wholesale jerseys readily persuaded when they do not know that the other person is trying
Wholesale NFL jerseys to persuade them. By not revealing their persuasive intent, the buzz agent is gaining an unfair advantage that undermines social interaction. We usually assume that other people, in ordinary discourse, are not trying to sell us something; when we know we are being marketed to,

. Wildlife 46: 59 65.Banco, P. C.; Black, J. M.; Banko, W. C. 1999. The Hawaiian Goose (Branta sandvichensis). In: Poole, A.; Gill, F. (ed.), The birds of North America, pp. 1 32.Black, J. M. 1995. The Nene Branta sandvicensis recovery initiative: research against extinction. Ibis 137: S153 S160.Black, J. M. 1998. Threatened waterfowl: recovery priorities and reintroduction potential with species reference to the Hawaiian Goose. (ed.), Avian conservation, pp. 125 140. Island Press, Washington, DC.Black, J. M.; Marshall, A. P.; Gilburn, A.; Santos, N.; Hoshide, H.; Medeiros, J.; Mello, J.; Natividad Hodges, C.; Katahira, L. 1997. Survival, movements, and breeding of released Hawaiian Geese: an assessment of the reintroduction program. Journal of Wildlife Management 61: 1161 1173.Black, J. M.; Prop, J.; Hunter, J. M.; Woog, F.; Marshall, A.; Bowler, J. 1994. Foraging behaviour and energetics of the Hawaiian Goose Branta sandvicensis. Wildfowl 45: 65 109.Hess, S. C.; Banko, P. C. 2006. Feral

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Articles Connexes:

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